Wednesday, 28 November 2012

'Bowled Over'....

As a member of the Contemporary Glass Society, I get to apply for varying opportunities and exhibitions - such as the Medallions earlier this year (click on the link to take a reminder look)

My Maple Syrup platter was one of only 46 selected out of a huge number of entries for the current online exhibtion; click here to see more of "Bowled Over"

Maple Syrup Patchwork Platter, 25cm square

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Newsletters Direct To Your Inbox...

Sounds fancy, doesn't it?  I've finally got round to setting up a mailing list... click *HERE* to subscribe.

Don't worry, it has taken me a year to get round to setting this up, I won't be bombarding you with newsletters any time soon!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Lustre at Lakeside

Quick post time - this weekend is the annual Contemporary Craft Market event at Nottingham's Lakeside Arts Centre.  If you've never been, it is well worth a visit - set in the beautiful grounds of Nottingham University, near the boating lake, Lustre features a selection of over 50 UK designer/makers.

Lustre at Lakeside

It always features a varied mix of established makers, up and coming artists, and always includes some of this years new graduates; if you go, don't forget to go and meet my lovely friend, and studio share partner, Nicola Lidstone:

Nicola Lidstone

No relation, but this image has captured my attention, by Diane Turner:

Diane Turner

And, ever present, but a favourite of mine (of course, he makes glass!) is Stuart Ackroyd:

Stuart Akroyd

On this weekend, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November, get along if you can, there is SO much more to see!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Has It Really Been a Month....

... since my last post? Well, the computer says it has, so it guess so! I *have* been busy... 

I still haven't posted photographs from the IFG... or updated with the full story of the Olympic Legacy Project... 

And now I find myself heading, full on, towards Christmas. A busy time indeed for most people, but I seem to be especially so! I guess, then, I'd better start with what's happening, and maybe in future posts, expand on it (otherwise it would make this post incredibly long!).  I have been making a few's one that came out the kiln recently....

 What else have I been doing with my time?  Well, we finished the Olympic Legacy Wall back in July, but it was only officially opened a few weeks ago at KHCTSC; still thrilled to bits whenever I see it, and I will see if I can get the images from the local press, but here's one of me explaining to the special guests and local primary school students about the concept... (jazz hands!)

And one of the school reporter's images of the legacy wall - can't see the scale on this one, the local paper ones give a good indication, hopefully I can add those later.

So, what else?  I've been getting more enquiries for the fusing classes at the studio - back in September I did a special texture workshop with three lovely ladies, all makers themselves;  Stevie Davies, Louise West and Lynn Price, who booked a class whilst over on a visit from New Zealand! That was great fun, and I hope to do some more of those.

For the next few months I'm going to be one of the AA2A Artists based at Derby University.  Lots of opportunities to experiment with some ideas that have been on the back burner for a while, primarily I will be working on photograms.  Can't wait to see where that takes me!

This coming winter and spring, I am going to be working collaboratively with another local artist, Gavin Darby of Frailoop (take a look at his wonderful recycled metal creations) on the Excite Inpsire Engage Erewash project, all about the Metal Ages - really looking forward to getting into this, doing some research about Stanton Ironworks, holding workshops and producing work for an Exhibition starting at Ormiston Ilkeston Academy's beautiful King George Gallery.

I'm going to be making glass lanterns and glass tree decorations with local schools as part of the Erewash Festival of Light series of events.

And of course, it will be Shed 2 Studios Christmas Open Studio Event too!  This usually involves a LOT of tidying up of my studio space, but seeing as I will hardly be there over the next few weeks, it might be easier to do this time!