Monday 8 March 2010

Where I am at now

For tomorrow (Tuesday) I should have some sort of finalised design. My tutor wants me to display the finished idea, life size.... yikes, that's about 150 cm square.... ish.

I worked out, that to print that off on my trusty HP, it'll be about 40 sheets of A4.

As I am still totally divided two designs, that's two sets.... one will be based on square tiles, the other is far more organic... here's the two sort of, ideas...

These are not finalised, but they are the kind of idea (the second one needs some grid lines). I know they look quite similar side by side, but I think the finished article would look quite different.

The first one would be technically more challenging I think, with large, organic cut outs in ceramic... with occasional glass tiles. The second one would be built up of square tiles, either screen printed, or textured with the design. Not sure what the glass elements of that one would be yet, I have to work a bit more in this design tonight.

When I display it tomorrow, the circuit board design will be gridded up to show it has tiles. I think if I go with the second one, the circuit board idea has to be even stronger than it shows here, perhaps a little more complex?

Anyhow, have to go, lots to do today, including going to Nottingham, and of course, printing of LOTS of sheets of paper, cutting them out....

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