Sunday 11 July 2010

I think it's all over....

Blimey, it seems forever since I last posted.  It has been bit busy, mind.  I was getting ready for Rufford... a fantastic place for a ceramics fair (well, a great venue for any kind of craft fair really), the weather was fabulous all weekend and we were busy.  Our little Derby Crafts stall did quite well.  And the curry night on Saturday was great!

After packing away from Rufford on Sunday, it was back to Uni yet again on Monday, to finish off the the piece that was going down to New Designers in London, and to load the van.

London was HOT.  The place we stayed in was like a sauna... the underground was unbearable at times.  Was a busy weekend for London, with Wimbledon final and Gay Pride, so probably busier everywhere than the average weekend.  Along with rail closures and tube works... oh the joys!

However, I did get to spend a bit of quiet time with a quick visit to see "Remarkable Glass", a CGS exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts.  On Sunday, in a desperate bid to find nicely air conditioned places, I went to the British Musuem and the British Library.  Both wonderful buildings, and great air conditioning!  At the latter there is currently an exhibition about Maps, which I found really interesting - there's something about old fashioned, hand drawn maps that intrigues me.

Talking of maps, a bit of eye candy?  Managed to get a couple of snaps of the Degree Show art work before it all got taken down.

So, what next?  Well, watch this space for studio/workshop news sometime very soon... still seem quite busy at the moment, clearing out uni space and just generally catching up all all that "stuff" that gets neglected.  I bet the sun stops shining soon, just as I actually get a bit of time to enjoy it!

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