Friday 27 August 2010

Off to the IFG this weekend - woop woop!

The what??

The International Festival of Glass 2010.

Every two years, there's a big glass festival held in Stourbridge, West Midlands - I discovered it the first time two years ago; I went with my son, and we had the most fabulous time.

The festival is set out over several sites around Stourbridge, including Broadfield House Glass Museum - always worth a visit, I loved it there.  Well, they had glass, of course I loved it!  The special exhibition two years ago was Glass dresses, here's a pic I took:

As well as street market, entertainment, a bead fair, evening goings on, a big part of the Festival is the Glass Bienale, a mahoosive exhibition at the Ruskin Glass Centre (which has lots of other happenings over the festival weekend).  The exhibition two years ago was amazing, with lots of fabulous work, but this was on of my favourites, having made it to wallpaper status on the laptop (that's high accolade to make it on my desktop!):

When I get back from this glass fest, it's time to start moving!  Yup, got the keys, space will be clear, now I just have to make several journeys back and forth from Uni to get all my stuff in the right places...

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