Tuesday 8 February 2011

New News....

Well, there's not that much of it I am afraid!

Last week, I worked with a local school making Chinese lanterns with willow and tissue.  For two days, I worked with Year 6's (or for you of a certain age, fourth year juniors!) - one class each day - 22 lovely children each day.  It  was a challenge to get done, but the kids worked really hard and by the end of each day we had a classroom full of pretty, rabbit inspired lanterns.  By Wednesday, I thought I'd gone deaf though, as I didn't hear anybody calling my name, or 'Miss' for ages...

Sadly the weather wasn't very nice on Saturday for the Chinese New Year celebrations on Ilkeston market place - after those howling winds (where's my fence panel gone?  Did it skip off into the sunset with the trampoline cover?) - although there was still a good turn-out for the dancing and festivities.  Just not many lanterns - not that they stayed lit in all that wind.

So what else have I been doing?  More listing on Etsy - and the Frit Happens Etsy Street Team have been working hard as usual to promote everybody.... I made it into another treasury or two...

Listing on Etsy is a bit addictive... mind you, checking how many views the items in your shop has had is even more so!  They say a watched pot never boils, so I need to stay away!

I've got to start thinking of new ideas - I am loving using the decals, but I want to start designing my own - although my supplier does some lovely ones, they aren't unique.  And I also have some ideas I want to try out for the exhibitions that are coming up in spring.

I might share with you when I have had a play!

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