Sunday 22 May 2011

Pimp Your Craft....

I've found my work, whether jewellery, wall art or glass dishes featured in Etsy Treasuries quite a lot lately - I've now clocked up 4 - here's a few current ones:

So, why this sudden flurry of activity you might wonder?

A few months ago, a friend of mine started up a new forum - Craft Pimp it's a fab place for all sorts of art and craft techniques, from glass, to ceramic, from paper to felt and fabric and much, much more.  Its a place to share work, ideas, inspirations... and everybody is so full of enthusiasm and have been having fun creating treasuries (an Etsy Treasury is a collection of up to 16 items selected from the thousands of handmade items for sale, usually themed - I personally love to see the colour collection ones) - sometimes promoting the Craft Pimp Team, but also sharing things they love from other makers on Etsy.

As a result of this, listed work gets seen by a wider audience.  Not just MY Facebook Fans, people watching MY Twitter timeline or people who have MY shop in their circle... all of those people who are in the treasury will share it with their friends, fans and followers... spreading out further.  I've noticed that I have been added to a couple of treasuries created by people that I have no apparent link with - they're not glass workers, or known members of either of the forums I frequent. 

They could have simply found my work by a tag search... but they may well have found me through friends of friends of friends.... either way, it means more visitors to my Etsy Shop, more hits on my website - so, I say, bring it on!


Jolene said...

Lovely post her Dawn. Your work is so lovely that it deserves as much exposure as it can and I say Bring It On too xx

georgiebee said...

That's one lovely post Dawn!!I'm loving being a part of something that has sooo many talented people! Onwards and upwards I say..;o)