Thursday 19 January 2012

Heath Robinson Photo Set Up - a couple of results

Last time I did a major photo session, the largest bowl I had made was 20cm square.... so it sat quite happily on a piece of A1 paper as the back drop.... since then, I've been making larger bowls, and A1 was no longer big enough.

Unfortunately, in Ilkeston, we're not flush with art shops, so I doubted very much that I would find somewhere nearby to buy a sheet of A0 from.... then Rachel had a flash of inspiration, use a roller blind that was sitting in the office.... brill!  Well, except it was not quite the right colour for some of my glass.... but a quick nip out and I bought a new off white blind, which I promptly took to bits, pinned the wall, et voila.... infinity backdrop!

Here's some of the photos I took.....


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