Tuesday 17 July 2012

We Did It!!

It's up!  

I've had a few sleepless nights lately, and yesterday I nearly wore a whole through the carpet in anticipation, although we were thwarted by the weather.  All in the name of intalling the Olympic Legacy Wall at Kirk Hallam (KHCTSC)

Today, the weather was a little kinder, and the rain held off.  A few hairy moments when it was being lifted onto it's brackets, as it's so heavy, it's there, and I think it looks rather good!

I will come back later and post a more detailed account of the project and fill in any gaps from before, but I am just so excited, pleased (and relieved!) to see it up, I had to post this image - including scaffolding and humans to give you an idea of scale.  It is placed around 3 metres up from the ground to the lower edge, glad I didn't have to climb the scaffold tower!

The Olmypic Legacy Wall

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