Monday 8 July 2013

Time For A Fresh New Look

I first created my website back four years ago as part of my final year degree course - I was very proud of it, as it was all hand-coded by me.  It was quick, logical and worked well.

But... adding new photos was not always so easy, so I've been re-developing my site in the 'background' for months now.  And it has been almost ready for ages too, just waiting for those final tweaks.

This weekend, I decided it was now or never, and launched the new look.  There are still a few areas that need filling out, but maybe now it's live I will actually do that!  You can still click  through to the new look site using the links at the left - it is still at the same web address.  You might need to refresh your page if you've visited the old site before, it might have it in your 'cache' - on Windows, it's 'CTRL+F5'.

There is a blog page within the actual site, which for now, has just got all the previous posts from this blog imported - but soon I will be writing new blog posts within the website, rather than separately so if you use any form of following software (or indeed you link to my blog on your own website/blog) you might want to add the new page to your RSS/feed reader now for when that gets under way:


Hope you like the new site, and I do hope you will carry on following my random and somewhat intermittent lately (!) blog posts in future

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