Wednesday 12 May 2010

Glass Panel Tests and Improvisation

Waiting on wood today for making frame/backboard, so I worked on the presentation for a little while.

Then I figured it might be a good chance to photograph the first glass panel test I did a couple of weeks back (on top of the ceramic tiles are going to be sections of glass that I wanted to echo the pattern of the main body of the work.  So I did a bit of test carving into the plaster, and slumped the glass on to it,

I made a few more moulds yesterday, this time in ceramic, which will be re-usable, as, quite often, the plaster mould (even with flint added) doesn't survive more than a couple of firings. Certainly not eight!

So, these panels are going to fixed to the board with special stand-off fixings, so they're just flat - will holes in, but this first one didn't.  How to photograph it then?  I needed to get light at the back to show the pattern, but didn't have any of my home-made (well, that means brother-made) stands, so I used glue clamps but they're not very pretty.

Then the light bulb moment happened!  I have lots and lots (and lots) of big, thick, chunky ceramic tiles - with channels cut out!

So, I improvised, and used one as a stand.  I can use this technique to make special 'feet' for other glass panel work.   And I think this photo might make it on to the main website.

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