Thursday 27 May 2010

Bag o' Nerves

Not any pictures yet (ran out of time) but today we finally hoisted the big art work on to the wall, it's been two days happening, as our poor tutor has been everywhere, helping everybody... and I physically couldn't do this bit on my own.

After lots of careful measuring, re measuring, pre-drilling and more, the pieces were STILL in the wrong place... finally late morning we got the artwork screwed to the backing board, now, all we had left to do was lift two boards, 8ft x 4ft, which were batttened across the backs upright, and hang 'em on the hooks...

Sounds easy peasy doesn't it?  At one point I had three technicians and two tutors, plus two course colleagues, all holding, lifting, etc and finally we got it in place.

I think I might have forgotten to breathe for a short while, whilst the piece was put in place, but it's finally there, and oh my, I cannot express the relief I felt.  Thing is, if this piece were to fall, break, etc, it is my ONLY thing for the exhibition (apart from the design board), so talk about all my eggs in one basket!

I had to fight back the tears once we were able to let go - partly from pure and simple relief, and to finally see it upright on a wall (this is the first time I have ever actually seen it in that position!) - it was a tiny bit emotional!

All I have to do now is tidy it up (lots of handprints, and marks to clean off), then mark up the glass elements for fixing, and its done. 

Pictures soon!

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