Sunday 6 June 2010

...and breathe!

Phew, what a week!!

After getting the wall piece up last week, I arranged the glass fixings and put up the design board.

ALL DONE!  Well, not quite.  All of last weekend was spent preparing for assessment on Tuesday, and the external examiner on Thursday.  But it literally is all done now, there is no more I can do, but sit and wait for results day.

Preview Night was on Wednesday, it was quite a busy evening, although nobody asked if my piece was for sale!  Actually, I noticed that quite a few people, as they walk by, don't even seem to notice it.... but I am not taking this as a bad thing, I think its probably quite a compliment - perhaps people don't realise it's even part of the show - it looks quite at home on the wall where it is... here's a pic:

Unfortunately, the light isn't brilliant where it is, so those panels don't show up as well as they will when it's in it's proper place in the school.... and they reflect a lot on the photo.  I will try and take a better one this week.

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