Sunday 14 November 2010

Oh What a Day...

It was the Open Studio event at Shed 2 yesterday... phew (in a good way)! The studio looked great when we'd had a good tidy up, rearranged the furniture and put our work out on display. 

The whole morning went by in a bit of a blur, it was really busy, although a lot of people through the door were my friends and family!  It was great though, that I got so much support and it was a lovely opportunity to show my friends what I've been doing with my time down at the studio.

I got some very positive responses to my own work, and most people said how they thought the whole of Shed 2 was a great place (something which I don't need telling twice).  People seemed to particularly love the camper vans (watch this space), so guess what I am making this week... because I can't rest on my laurels, I have craft fairs for the next weekends, so I need to make sure I have lots of stock (for those lovely customers!).

Will try and post some photos of the new work over the next couple of days.

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