Sunday 26 June 2011

Diary of an Exhibitionist #4

Oooh, time is creeping by SO fast!

I've been busy in the studio this week, preparing moulds - hopefully I've made plenty, just in case!  Got my glass, and a couple of spare sheets on the way (just in case).

Moulds have been prepped, carved, kiln washed and I left them drying yesterday.

Another change of plan on the design!  Talked to Mark last week, and said how I'd still wanted a spiral... and it turns out, it might be a bit easier to do than a straight ladder... so new design idea is a bit like a spiral staircase, with the panels coming out from a central pole...

This is where I have to take a leap of faith, both in Mark's skill and my own visualisation and idea, as we really, really don't have time to prepare a mock up - unless you count the little cardboard model I made the other day!

I am off to the studio in a couple of hours, will try and remember to take some photographs of the moulds this time!  And hopefully the first piece of glass is going in the kiln, please, please, please pray to the kiln gods for me!!

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