Sunday 10 July 2011

Diary of an Exhibitionist #7

So, it's been a few days since I posted - mainly because there wasn't a lot to show since the first clear panel came out of the kiln. Of course, I could have rambled, or waffled, or downright confused you about some of the ideas going through my head.

Having seen that first panel come out, I really did like it clear.  But I kept coming back to thinking it might look a bit, well bland, if I don't add something.  I decided to carry  on firing clear panels anyway, make sure I have those first.

Meanwhile, I did a couple of Photoshop experiments to try and get some idea of what it might look like muli-coloured vs single coloured vs plain.  In a mock-up, my original idea of colours shading from one to another, like a rainbow (but not necessarily in rainbow order!) looked, well rubbish!  I much preferred one plain colour, blue or red perhaps?

I decided I was going to go with the red, to contrast with the green of the trees that will still be in the glass house. Frame in perhaps a red oxide. Yay, Dawn has made some decisions (if you know me, you'll know that isn't always my strong point!)

So, all fired up, feeling smug, I went to the studio the following day. Earlier the previous day when I'd done my mock-ups, I'd already ordered a selection of bright colours, of course they arrived, and OOOOH they're lovely!! I simply *had* to try them out. (Luckily) I only had small pieces of glass to try them out on, so I was restricted to a small sample of greens, one of blues, one of reds and a yellow on white base. I figured it was actually a very good idea to test fire them any way.

When I got the samples back out the following day there was a bit of an uh-oh moment.  Red looked great, but the moment I casually mentioned to a studio colleague that it looked a bit like blood, that was it!  And actually, we both really rather liked the shades of green.... so I have been to the studio today, and green it is, first panel in the kiln, fingers crossed that the kiln fairies are kind tonight....

(But whatever you do, don't ask me what colour the frame is going to be yet!!)

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