Monday 18 July 2011

Diary of an Exhibitionist #8

Boy oh boy what a stressful weekend it has been!

For once in my life, I was actually ready quite early with my glass pieces (those of you that know me personally will know that it's quite unusual!) - so I have been waiting on the frame.  Mark, bless him, went in over the weekend to get that done (otherwise I might actually have had a nervous breakdown).

It's still at the factory, as it was given it's final coat of paint this afternoon, and I couldn't take a picture as I only had my phone, which isn't very clever in low light, but I can reveal it's a rather lush shade of green.

Meanwhile I made some extra panels as a back up, none-coloured, in case any of the enamel firings went wrong.  As you know, I liked them clear, so I decided to make a second piece with three clear panels, and using the skills of Ian of Leafbone in the next studio/shed to ours, to make me a beautiful wooden stand to display them in.

Here's the result:

Triple Glass Panel in Wooden Stand

I think it looks rather special, and hopefully will be able to capture it in position somewhere at the Sanctuary tomorrow.

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Lainey said...

Wow Dawn, that's really beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the photos in-situ x